15 Year Remembrance Camp

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success - Henry Ford

Modern-Arnis-Philippine-Martial-ArtsIn July 2011, I hosted the Modern Arnis Reunion Camp. This event was to celebrate ten years of the continuation of Modern Arnis since the founders passing. Another purpose it served was to bring together members of our fragmented family. These goals were not only met, but exceeded. This event initiated the formation of several other training camps – the Modern Arnis Hall of Fame Camp; and the European version of the Reunion Camp hosted by Dieter Knuttel, in Dortmund, Germany.  Dieter’s event had over 200 people in attendance

When I first announced the Reunion Camp, there was speculation as to whether the camp would be successful, or even if it would actually happen. Well, it did happen, it was successful, and it inspired others. In spirit of the first reunion camp, I am proud to announce the 15 year Reunion Camp, commemorating 15 years since the Professors passing. The 15 year Reunion Camp will be hosted in the metro Detroit area. The first camp was about bringing the leaders of their respective organizations to the table to show the community that even though we may not agree on everything, we all are striving to continue the Professors art. Many of the instructors of the first camp will be back in 2016, but we will be adding many of the unsung instructors of our family. I am looking forward to working on this event with many of the members of our community and I would like everyone to reserve the dates of July 29 – 31st, 2016 . I will be posting updates as they come out.

Datu Tim Hartman
Grand Master Presas Arnis

Modern Arnis Reunion Camp 2