Modern Arnis Unity Camp

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success - Henry Ford

Modern-Arnis-Philippine-Martial-ArtsGreetings fellow arnisadors! Just a few months after the 10 year reunion camp honoring Professor Presas, I approached Datu Tim about hosting the 15 year event in Detroit. I believe the rightful place for it! Michigan has always been a strong arnis community and there is some great talent in Michigan.

After a very long on/off discussion, Datu Tim suggested it be a joint event. Progressive Tactics Martial Arts and Datu Tim Hartman- working together to make the 15 year camp a great event. I agreed. We began some preliminary marketing and securing instructors, getting venue, etc.

The coming together of some of the leaders of Modern Arnis is no easy task, as many of you know. I have personally contacted most of the Motts, Datu’s, GM’s, etc to invite them to be a part. Some were happy to consider it, some were reluctant, some never returned my reaching out to them. And some just didn’t want to be a part of it. I expected some of the rejections I got.. but was disappointed by a few others. As the discussions moved forward, it appeared that perhaps there are 2 things holding it back from being a world class event for instructors and students.

1) PTMA being a relatively unknown entity outside of Michigan 2) Some issues between organizations or their constituents.

Regarding PTMA being unknown, not much I can do about that except host an outstanding camp with some of the best talent- interested in being involved. I would be happy to bore you with some history of events we have hosted over the past 18 years. Or you can come and be part of one of the BEST events for Modern Arnis!

For reason # 2, A discussion with Datu Tim and the concerns with making this a great event with many different organizations represented, he has decided to step down as a co-host and allow PTMA to run the event as I had originally suggested it back on 2011.

With Datu Tim stepping out of a co-director position, this should end much of the concerns and issues many of the other leaders have commented on. HE IS STILL TEACHING AT THE EVENT, but has removed himself from all administrative roll/responsibilities.

It is my hope that the other Arnis leadership will join together at this camp in remembering Professor Presas, work towards some unity in the art, and make an unparalleled teaching event for everyone worldwide who love the art of Modern Arnis, as we honor the Professor and what he shared with us.

I look forward to this endeavor and am hopeful for some unity in our art. We don’t have to all agree… but what a great world if we can all agree to work together to build the art, share what Professor Presas gave us, and come together to honor his legacy!

Yours in the arts,